Monday, February 6, 2012

EGSA Symposium Keynote Address

The EGSA Symposium, "Bodies in Space," is this Friday.  Put it in your calendars!  We have a full day of panels planned, with a keynote by Georgetown University's Dana Luciano.

Dana Luciano is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Georgetown University. She is the author of Arranging Grief: Sacred Time and the Body in Nineteenth-Century America (NYU, 2007), which won the Modern Language Association’s First Book Prize in 2008. She is currently at work on a monograph exploring the erotics of the non-human in 19th century American literature, entitled Romancing the Inhuman: Animacy and Eros in America, 1840-1910, as well as a collection of essays on contemporary LGBT film and video entitled Once More, With Feeling: The Texture of the Past in Queer Period Films.

Dr. Luciano will be giving a talk titled "Touching Spirits" which explores the innovative intimate and social forms proposed by 19th century spirit photography, focusing primarily on the work of William Mumler (active c. 1862-1870s) and Edward Wyllie (active c. 1890s-1910).

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