Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alternate Career Session Today!

Please join us for the Alternate Career Session today at 5:30pm in Rome 771. EGSA and the GW Career Center are hosting this event where you can learn about alternate careers for English Graduates, where you will learn how to transfer your skills in an interview and on a resume, and where you can speak with a variety of professionals who have English Graduate degrees. Please come and support EGSA and your fellow graduate students. Light Refreshments will be provided.


  1. This type of event is very helpful but i missed it. Can you please tell me how we can prepare a resume. We must be familiar with English language

  2. Hello Career Coach! Thanks for your comment. We did not cover the details of a resume in this session, but we did go over how to highlight your transferable skills during a job interview and in your application materials. We will be posting the Alternate Career session notes, advice, and information on this blog later this week, so check back for that.
    We also recommend that you take your current CV into the GW Career Center and ask how to turn it into a resume for a non-academic career or job. They will have some very useful information and tips for you.