Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week in the EGSA

Please join us this week at our end of September events. As the demands of the semester begin to pick up, it is important to take breaks, connect with your friends, and network with your fellow graduate students! This week we want to offer you helpful information, stress management skills, and an opportunity to imbibe at one of our favorite campus bars, Tonic.

This Tuesday, on September 26 at 2:30pm EGSA is hosting the "Plan Your M.A." event in Rome 771. We have information and resources for first and second year M.A. students. No matter if you are gearing up for the job market or applying to PhD programs, we have advice and tips for everyone. We have sample professional materials, a list of books and web sources, and advice taken straight from our professors' mouths. It will also be a unique opportunity for you to ask any burning questions and exchange ideas/information with your fellow M.A. colleagues. Not to mention that your M.A. representative to EGSA and I will be baking delicious treats. Please feel free to bring your own beverage, and pass the word along to your fellow students! Visit us on Facebook for event details or to RSVP.

This Friday, on September 30 from noon to 3pm EGSA is hosting a Happy Hour located at Tonic. If you cannot make it until later in the afternoon, let us know and some of us will stick around. For those of you who are new to the area, Tonic is one of the closest bars to Rome and has great happy hour deals. Come join us for some Tater Tots and cocktails this Friday afternoon. Remember that it is important for you to take a study break, vent your frustrations, and network with your fellow grads. We all look forward to seeing you there. Visit us on Facebook for event details and to RSVP.

In keeping with the theme of taking a break, check out this little gem of a website which explores the humorous side of graduate school: PhD Comics.

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